Melbourne Day 3

 DAY 3  TUESDAY: Alexander McQueen and The Royal Botanic Gardens Outfit for the McQueen exhibition. Blouse from Dangerfield, necklace from Gifts of Mercy Jewelry Jon's outfit. Tie and jacket opshopped. More street art A clock made of flowers across from the gallery. On Tuesday morning, we went to see the Alexander McQueen Exhibition at the NGV. We probably should have waited until later in the day as it was packed, but we managed. It was an amazing and inspiring exhibition.  This collection was inspired by classic art of Heaven and Hell It was hard to photograph with the lighting but some of the fabric was printed with images from paintings. Elaborate metallic embroidery The MC Escher inspired dress was one of our favourites This jacket combines Saville Row tailoring and harnesses. Another thing that has probably trickled down into modern fashion but was pioneered by daring designers like McQueen. There were some amazing shoes in the collections. I couldn't walk in any of them,